We are in an extraordinary time.

Today we debated the bill giving the Md. Attorney General the authority to sue the federal government.

This is what I said:

Thank you Mister Speaker. This legislation, I would respectfully submit, does not waste taxpayer dollars. It preserves the fundamental rights under our constitution of every resident of this State.

By giving our Attorney General the authority on his own, after consulting with the governor, to initiate a lawsuit to protect those fundamental rights, we are not giving the Attorney General carte blanche.

The checks and balances of the system, of which we are a part, will insure that if he brings a suit that is unfounded, it will not prevail.

And through the budget process we will also, under this bill, be able to every year check and balance the Attorney General’s decision.

We are in an extraordinary time, this is an important measure, I urge a green vote.

The bill passed, 85-49. (a veto-proof majority)

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