May mark the beginning, the very beginning

I received this blast email from the Howard Park Community Association:

Subject: House Bill 1136: Regulating opening and closing times of Liquor Stores in the Liberty Heights Corridor

Our bill passed at 11:48 p.m. Monday night, one of the last bills to be enacted by the 2017 General Assembly. When it takes effect on July 1, no liquor outlet in the Liberty Heights corridor can open earlier than 9 a.m. or close later than 9 p.m. On behalf of my 41st District colleagues and myself, we are excited about this success and look forward to working with you to make more improvements to the Howard Park community. —Delegate, Sandy Rosenberg

Howard Park Civic Association: This is a huge victory for our community, and may mark the beginning, the very beginning, of the change we need in our business district.    

Then I read this op-ed about Robert Kennedy’s visit to the abject poverty of the Mississippi Delta:

Mr. Kennedy was convinced, especially after his time in Mississippi, that poverty programs are most successful when they are informed by the voices of poor people themselves. He trusted the families he met there, and later in Appalachia, blighted city neighborhoods in the Northeast and the fields of California, to know what would help them the most.

I’d like to think I’m walking down the same path as Senator Kennedy and listening to people, whatever their race or income.

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