As I told my niece and nephew

I didn’t speak on the House floor this morning, even though I sponsored the legislation we were debating.

I didn’t need to speak.

We had the votes to pass the resolution, 89-50.

It authorizes the Maryland Attorney General to bring a lawsuit when action by the federal government harms state residents, without obtaining the approval of the Governor.

As you most likely know, we were prompted to act by President Trump’s executive orders.

The state constitution gives us the authority to enlarge the authority of the AG, in this instance, to preserve our rights under the federal constitution and laws.

On Election Night, I told my niece and nephew, as well as a very close friend, to concentrate on an issue they really cared about and to volunteer their time and money.

As a state legislator, I told them, I will be in a unique position to do things for the people of Maryland. To protect them, where possible, against bad decisions in Washington.

Today, I did just that.

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